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Ginger can correct your spelling and grammar while you are typing
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Ginger can correct your spelling and grammar. It is intended for English speakers, both for native speakers and second language learners. Moreover, it supports both American English and British English. Unlike other similar applications, it is based on a natural language processing platform. This technology can analyze billions of sentences from the web to interpret the meaning and context of a given text input.

The application is very easy to use. It runs from the System Tray and appears as a small button whenever a compatible program is activated. Ginger integrates with most applications supporting text input, such as text processors, presentation makers, email clients and web browsers. In order to perform a grammatical and spelling check, you just need to click on the corresponding button or press the F2 key.

Fortunately, Ginger can find errors that other applications cannot detect. Thus, it can provide you with correct alternatives for misspelled words, even when a mistake makes a given word almost unrecognizable. It can also detect errors related to the use of homophones and out-of-context words.

Its installation package is small because it is actually a client that constantly connects to online servers to perform its task. Although this system makes the application more potent, it also requires an extra flow of data between your computer and these servers. Moreover, the application becomes absolutely useless without Internet connection. Besides the above-mentioned disadvantage, the most uncomfortable effect of using this correction tool is that it slows down your typing speed. Although a solution is to run Ginger only when you have finished typing, this will prevent you from benefiting from while-you-type correction.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use.
  • It can detect mistakes other programs cannot.
  • It has a small installation package


  • It is completely useless without Internet connections.
  • It slows down your typing.
  • It generates an extra flow of data between your computer and the online servers
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