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Ginger is an application that helps you improve your English skills
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Ginger is an application that helps you improve your English skills. In this sense, it works as grammar checker, a sentence rephraser, a text reader, and an English self-trainer. What is remarkable about this program is that it supports both British and American English, so that you could enhance text spelling and reading of the English version you want to perfect.

The software program is actually a small client that integrates with Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Once the program is enabled, you just need to press F2 or the top drawer that appears whenever a text-supported application is opened to start. As a result, Ginger automatically connects to online servers, analyzes similar phrases, and provides you with the best alternatives to your text. The technology of text interpretation makes the difference between this program and similar tools. As a consequence, Ginger is able to detect grammatical, spelling, and expression errors that other apps usually can't find. You will be pleasantly surprised to notice that it identifies homophones and gives you the correct spelling within the context, makes suggestions for the right word order in sentences, as well as for replacing misused words.

Apart from the already mentioned abilities of grammar checking and sentence rephrasing, this application comes with a text-to-speech function that helps you improve your second language pronunciation and learn to become a fluent English speaker. Furthermore, it provides a personal trainer module that connects you to online practicing sessions. These courses take into account your frequently-made mistakes, so that the lessons are particularly drafted to correct your English deficiencies.

All in all, Ginger is one of the most comprehensive applications designed to perfect your English grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and accent. It provides enhanced alternatives to your writing, and thus your English will sound better.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to use.
  • Enhances your English skills.
  • Recognizes homophones within a given context.
  • Corrects out-of-context words.
  • Text-to-speech function.
  • Supports both American and British English


  • Can't be used without an Internet connection
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